Whether a professional chef or home cook, having the right pans will help ensure quality prepared meals every time. Many people look at the size or if the pan is “nonstick”, but there are so many other aspects of cooking pans that must be considered to create a collection worthy of cooking great food. If you’re looking for the ideal pot/pan set for your kitchen, check out http://www.restaurantsupply.com/; offering a wide range of options to choose from and at affordable prices!

Pan Basics – there are many different pans out there on the market, and new ones are always making their way onto the market. Some of the most expensive cooking surfaces are useless if not used. Other pans can be found at low prices and produce some of the best meals. Knowing what kind of pan is needed for the cooking you will do is the most important aspect to consider when shopping for a new one or set.

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Aluminum pans are lightweight and heat quickly. Some people would hesitate to buy aluminum pans, but these conductive pans are great for many saute chefs. Due to the nature of aluminum, the pan gathers heat fast and loses it soon after being removed from heat. For cooking hot saute items that can be overcooked aluminum offers an advantage. Once the pan is taken off the heat source it will cook down fast compared to other metals like cast-iron.

Copper pans are rather pricey. Everyone seems to want copperware due to the appearance and praise they receive from those trying to sell them. Copper is also a very conductive metal and will speedily change temperatures as the heat source is varied. The issue with copper is that it will react to many foods. If a person doesn’t understand what copper reacts with, the result could be undesirable.

Stainless steel – is another popular choice for pan used in the kitchen. Stainless steel offers a surface that can take the stresses of kitchens well. Steel pans also hold heat better than most aluminum and copper pans, making it a good choice for stockpots and many multi-purpose pans.

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Cast-iron pans are the ultimate heat holding material for pans. Many chefs swear that it is important to have a good cast iron in every kitchen. These pans are great for frying, baking, and other techniques that require a consistent heat throughout. Cast iron must be seasoned unlike other materials and require a little extra care. Having a seasoned cast-iron pan will last someone longer than a normal lifetime.

Many people don’t understand the differences between the pans available, but knowing which one is best for your dish can take your cooking to the next level. Don’t give in to the hype that one pan is best for all cooking, or that the most expensive pan is the best. By taking a little time to plan out your collection of pans before shopping you can save yourself a headache, money, or both.